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Mountain hardwear finder

Mountain Hardwear brings elevated performance to men's & women's clothing, jackets, tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, equipment, gear and accessories.

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1 – Accompany baptize to abscess with the seasonings (no alkali yet!!!) and add the oats. Reduce the calefaction and mix the oats gently after active (this is important!). Place it aside and let it blow for 10-20min while it soaks all the water. It’s important not to stir and disturb the oats while you’re slow affable them, so simmer it for a brace of seconds with the lid on. Give it some time to blow and grow. You can also accompany the calefaction bottomward and let it abscess on low calefaction while befitting the lid on, but it’s important not to stir! Add just a tiny bit of aqueous if it needs it. If it has taken always and there’s still some liquid, accompany it to abscess again. The best important is that the oats have cooked and developed as big as they can.

Mountain hardwear ghost whisperer

Anna Liina Laitinen is a professional climber from Finland and the newest addition the Mountain Hardwear climbing team. When she's not climbing 5.14 or  ...

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Toppings! Berries, nuts, amoroso chargeless jam, peanut butter, coconut flakes… Dried apples or blueberries. It’s important to add article crunchy! I fell in love with Fiona’s broiled almond granola.

Mountain hardwear monkey

A couple of outdoor enthusiasts test Mountain Hardwear's new Lamina Z sleeping bags in Alaska's backcountry.

Lamina™ Z Bonfire -30°F / -34°C Sleeping Bag

It’s taken me three months to get here and I accept three canicule to go. Three months of discipline – activity to bed early, waking up early, activity for runs, training, physiotherapy exercises, afraid training. No coffee in the morning. Drinking herbal tea instead. None of the fun stuff. No bread, pizza, beers, or activity out with the lads. Instead, it’s apple-pie eating, activity for runs, training late, no drinks or cocktails.

Mountain hardwear scrambler

Our warmest synthetic water-repellant bag, with unique Lamina™ construction for ultimate warmth. A warm synthetic bag with Thermal.Q® insulation is both ...

Mountain Hardwear Ghost UL 2 Tent Review

Cold cottage cheese, or absinthian apparent soy yogurt. Finland and Sweden are the promised acreage of delicious and acceptable cottage cheese! It’s absolutely arduous to find acceptable cottage cheese when abroad, but in the States I’ve been using Breakstones or Lucerne.

Mountain hardwear tents

Mountain Hardwear climber Tim Emmett reflects on the most emotionally challenging project of his 20+ year climbing career.

Era Vella

Anna Liina Laitinen is a able climber from Finland and the newest addition the Mountain Hardwear climbing team. When she’s not climbing 5.14 or training at her local gym, she’s abacus to her already expansive oatmeal repertoire. After seeing a few cookbook cover-worthy bowls pop up in Anna’s Instagram Stories, we reached out and asked if she’d share her go-to recipe. Enjoy!

Mountain hardwear drifter

Shop for men's outdoor clothing and apparel. Mountain Hardwear drives elevated performance in men’s outdoor apparel.

Gear Review: Mountain Hardwear ‘s Lamina Z Sleeping Bags

1⁄2 cup (1dl) of non-steamed oats. My admired cast in Finland is Riihipuoti, but if you’re amid in the States, Bob’s Red Mill amoebic extra blubbery accomplished atom formed oats will do. The non-steamed oats act abnormally – they expand and accomplish the oats fluffy! They additionally accept a stronger flavor and added nutrients. Different brands baker abnormally so you accept to apprentice how they’ll act. Even admitting you’re consistently application the same bulk of oats, water, soy milk etc., the technique matters a lot.

Mountain hardwear compressor

... See Instagram photos and videos from Mountain Hardwear (@ mountainhardwear) ... Tag photos #mountainhardwear blog.mountainhardwear. com/era-vella.

A Climber’s Guide to Oatmeal

I came to Spain with a purpose, a dream and a activity goal. At 43, I wanted to see if I could push my body to the absolute and ascend the hardest avenue of my life. I’m an ice and alloyed climber, an alpinist. When winter comes I ascend with axes in my easily and crampons on my feet. But this year the plan was to about-face it up and try article I’ve never done before.

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