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Mountain hardwear fleece

Our brand new Ultimate Kilimanjaro guide uniforms are in for the upcoming season. And they look amazing. We provide our. Read more · Climb Preparation  ...

Lamina™ Z Bonfire -30°F / -34°C Sleeping Bag

When you live on the “wet” coast you can’t let acclimate dictate your activities or how much you enjoy them. This weekend the acclimate appeared to be the farthest thing from favorable. Avalanche danger was high, temperatures were warm and no one seemed to be planning much. A good friend and I decided to venture out to a secluded hut for the weekend, where terrain would be manageable and we could just have a good time.

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Whether your sport is high-altitude mountaineering, hiking or superlight backpacking, Mountain Hardwear has the best sleeping bags for your needs.

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We left town and hit the trailhead at about 1:00 p.m., we observed the lot below was entirely arranged with vehicles. Humming and hawing for a few minutes we made a decision to head towards the hut anyways. Our senses were saying “go, don’t worry there will be room!”

Mountain hardwear prodeal

Currently works as a swim instructor, as well as volunteers with Squamish Search and Rescue. Sarah also started the WWD CLUB blog to help get more women ...

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 After a skin in with heavy snow, we reached the bashful cabin. All that could be heard was the sound of Whiskey-Jack birds flapping from annex to branch. As we began to unload and loosen our boots, we came to the realization that no one was around. This is extremely attenuate in our area. Usually on a weekend, despite weather conditions, huts are packed full with ski fanatics. We had played our cards right and lucked out with the choice to follow our map and our guts.

Mountain hardwear shorts

Anna Liina Laitinen is a professional climber from Finland and the newest addition the Mountain Hardwear climbing team. When she's not climbing 5.14 or  ...

A Climber’s Guide to Oatmeal

There are always moments where I feel exhausted and ready to lie down in a bed of white. But then I think of the joy I will feel when I ability the hut – when all my work pays off. I push on with my backpack weighing me down, just a few more switchbacks to go.

Mountain hardwear ghost whisperer

These slim-fit pants are durable, flexible, comfortable, and ideal for just about anything, like climbing, biking, or hiking. Elevated Rewards Members get free ...

The Apres Life: Somewhere in Squamish

Anna Liina Laitinen is a able climber from Finland and the newest addition the Mountain Hardwear climbing team. When she’s not climbing 5.14 or training at her local gym, she’s adding to her already all-embracing oatmeal repertoire. After seeing a few cookbook cover-worthy bowls pop up in Anna’s Instagram Stories, we reached out and asked if she’d share her go-to recipe. Enjoy!

Mountain hardwear backpack

It took 10 years to create a woven technology this simple. Stitch-free baffles made of stretch-woven fabric are the most exciting development in down insulation…

Women's AP Skinny™ Pant

1⁄2 cup (1dl) of non-steamed oats. My favorite brand in Finland is Riihipuoti, but if you’re located in the States, Bob’s Red Mill organic extra thick whole grain rolled oats will do. The non-steamed oats act differently – they expand and make the oats fluffy! They also have a stronger flavor and more nutrients. Different brands cook differently so you have to learn how they’ll act. Even though you’re always using the same amount of oats, water, soy milk etc., the technique matters a lot.

Mountain hardwear thundershadow jacket

Weighing less than 8 oz., this full-featured jacket with Q.Shield™ 800-fill-power down resists moisture and retains critical loft even when wet. Available at REI ...

Mountain Hardwear

Following an afternoon of skiing, in not the greatest of conditions, we found ourselves ready to relax and dine! We fabricated a Broccoli Alfredo tortellini, which supplemented the first canteen of red wine. Later we kicked up our hut booties and enjoyed an assortment of Swiss chocolate and the second canteen of (slightly cheaper) red wine.

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Granger's Down Wash and Xtreme Repel Waterproofer for Outerwear

Granger's Down Wash and Xtreme Repel WaterProofer Combo Pack:Down Wash cleaner is great for down or synthetic down apparelXtreme Repel is the ultimate in spray-on water-proofingMaintains breathabilityAdds NO scent or optical brighteners... Great for hunters!Granger's products are great for; Patagonia, Arc'Teryx, Burton, The North Face, Mountain Hardwear and Gore-TexProlongs the life of the outwear and optimizes outdoor performanceWater based and environmentally friendly
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Granger's Clothing Wash + Repel | Cleaner & Wash-In Waterproofer for Outerwear | 10oz

Granger's Clothing Wash and Repel WaterProofer, 2-In-1 :Wash and re-proof in one step in your home washing machineMaximizes BreathabilityGranger's products are great for Patagonia, Arc'Teryx, The North Face, Mountain Hardwear and Gore-TexWater based, fluorocarbon free, Bluesign Certified Environmentally FriendlyAdds NO scent or optical brighteners...Great for Hunters!
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Granger's Boot & Shoe Conditioner | Waterproofer | Gore-Tex Approved | 2.6 oz

Granger's Leather Conditioner/Waterproofer: Gore-Tex Approved for footwear breathability and water repellencyWaterproofs and Conditions smooth leather outdoor boots and shoesHelps to protect against water, oil, and stains, while maintaining excellent breathability.Granger's products are perfect for; Patagonia, The North Face, Gore-Tex, Mountain Hardwear and Arc'TeryxBluesign Certified Environmentally Friendly
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