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Mountain hardwear ghost whisperer

Sep 15, 2016 ... Mountain Hardwear is hitting the start to the Fall/Winter season strong with their new StretchDown technology. Read on to learn more.

Men's Hardwear AP™ Pant

From home (Squamish) to our end destination Tofino, it’s about 6 hours of travel. The bear ride and the drive across the island are absolutely breathtaking.  As we drove bottomward the windy rainforest road, we found ourselves stopping to adore 300-year-old trees, glistening rivers and mighty mountain peaks off in the distance.

Mountain hardwear vest

The Mountain Hardwear Blog - top destination for mountain climbers, hikers, skiers, and adventurers.

Life Could be a Dream: Testing the Laminina Z Spark

Our alarms rang loudly as 4:30 a.m. suddenly approached. We grabbed the gear and headed for the ferry terminal. Upon loading, the sun began to peer over the horizon. Despite only having 2 days off we were determined to get to our destination and take full advantage. We crawled into the truck to catch some Z’s as the ferry afflicted towards Nanaimo B.C.

Mountain hardwear friends

Anna Liina Laitinen is a professional climber from Finland and the newest addition the Mountain Hardwear climbing team. When she's not climbing 5.14 or  ...

A Climber’s Guide to Oatmeal

We reached Tofino around noon. Before heading into town we chock-full at an area in Pacific Rim National Park called Long Beach – the most admirable stretch of beach you’ll find anywhere in B.C. Clear ocean waves pounding at the shore with plenty of allowance to surf.

Mountain hardwear hat

Mountain Hardwear. Gear ... As long as you get name brand gear, the specific brand doesn't matter much. Patagonia, The North Face, Mountain Hardwear,.

Mountain Hardwear

Anna Liina Laitinen is a able climber from Finland and the newest addition the Mountain Hardwear climbing team. When she’s not climbing 5.14 or training at her local gym, she’s adding to her already all-embracing oatmeal repertoire. After seeing a few cookbook cover-worthy bowls pop up in Anna’s Instagram Stories, we reached out and asked if she’d share her go-to recipe. Enjoy!

Mountain hardwear backpack

It took 10 years to create a woven technology this simple. Stitch-free baffles made of stretch-woven fabric are the most exciting development in down insulation…

Era Vella

Mountain Hardwear clothing is available in four fits standardized across the entire apparel line. Each is designed to meet different needs for movement, protection and versatility depending on activity.

Mountain hardwear ghost whisperer men's

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Introducing StretchDown: Mountain Hardwear’s New Technology

Living on the coast of British Columbia has its ups and downs. The moment we are ready for ski season, the weather warms up! Thursday afternoon I sat staring blankly at my touring gear. The skis were taunting me, and the thermostat read a number I was not enthused about. I realized it was time to start planning a different style of adventure.

Mountain hardwear

Mountain Hardwear drives elevated performance in men's and women's outdoor apparel, including jackets, shirts, parkas, clothing and vests.

Introducing StretchDown: Mountain Hardwear’s New Technology

We stopped for a brief barbecue and then continued into the small village we had been longing for. If you’ve never been, Tofino is one of those towns where you instantly feel relaxed. The shops are small and homey – the people friendly and welcoming. There is no shortage of acceptable food or acceptable views. You could spend all day aloof walking up and down the streets with a cup of coffee. But we came to explore!

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Granger's Down Wash and Xtreme Repel Waterproofer for Outerwear

Granger's Down Wash and Xtreme Repel WaterProofer Combo Pack:Down Wash cleaner is great for down or synthetic down apparelXtreme Repel is the ultimate in spray-on water-proofingMaintains breathabilityAdds NO scent or optical brighteners... Great for hunters!Granger's products are great for; Patagonia, Arc'Teryx, Burton, The North Face, Mountain Hardwear and Gore-TexProlongs the life of the outwear and optimizes outdoor performanceWater based and environmentally friendly
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Granger's Clothing Wash + Repel | Cleaner & Wash-In Waterproofer for Outerwear | 10oz

Granger's Clothing Wash and Repel WaterProofer, 2-In-1 :Wash and re-proof in one step in your home washing machineMaximizes BreathabilityGranger's products are great for Patagonia, Arc'Teryx, The North Face, Mountain Hardwear and Gore-TexWater based, fluorocarbon free, Bluesign Certified Environmentally FriendlyAdds NO scent or optical brighteners...Great for Hunters!
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Granger's Boot & Shoe Conditioner | Waterproofer | Gore-Tex Approved | 2.6 oz

Granger's Leather Conditioner/Waterproofer: Gore-Tex Approved for footwear breathability and water repellencyWaterproofs and Conditions smooth leather outdoor boots and shoesHelps to protect against water, oil, and stains, while maintaining excellent breathability.Granger's products are perfect for; Patagonia, The North Face, Gore-Tex, Mountain Hardwear and Arc'TeryxBluesign Certified Environmentally Friendly
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